Thursday, October 6, 2011

Same old thing

Back to the same old thing... redecorating the walls.  I have spray painted so much lately that I have a crook in my index finger. Totally kidding, thank God! Just spray painted a frame yesterday and realized it was the 5th color.  When will I ever be done???  Never it is an obsession and I love it.  I get sick of things really fast.(hubby better be very scared).  You will see a lot of my decor used in my photography also, such a money saver.  Here is a pic of the wall redo that I previously posted, it is another redo:

Next, the redo of the tv wall:  not loving it. Not done with it yet...

The antique dresser I repainted, homemade tree, and Brook's painting from 3rd grade(makes me smile).

My collage wall redo!!

The ugly end table, revived!  Another reason to love spray paint:)

My Halloween centerpiece, my awesome PB look alike skulls vase filler. Got a bag of these for 50cents.  A loooot  cheaper than PB:)

I did one other Fall project today, no pics yet.  It didn't turn out quite right.  I am not a quitter though, lol.

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