Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chalk Board Fun!!

I have been wanting a chic chalkboard in my dining room or by my front door.  I knew what I wanted, but couldn't find it for the right price(free). Seriously, though I have been looking at garage sales for a while and then the other day it hit me.  I had just painted an empty frame yellow and it didn't look good where I had it anymore, but I loved the way it looked in general, even used it for a photo shoot.  Was about to repaint and then I realized it was exactly what I have been looking for to make my chic fancy chalkboard.  So I went and got some chalkboard paint and measured out the spot and painted the door and then nailed the empty frame over it.  Yay!!  I love it and it cost 10.00 to buy the paint and I have plenty left for more projects.  Now need to figure out what to do with the spot I took the frame from, lol.  It never ends...

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